Optical Hybrid SPM technology Development and Park Systems Atomic Force Microscopy
-Dr. Sang-Joon Cho


Supramolecular Organization of Model Polycyclic Aromatic Molecules: Comparison of 2D and 3D Assemblies
-Dr. Gijo Raj


Light-emitting diodes based on atomically thin semiconductors
-Dr. Junyong Wang


Studies of natural rubber (NR) based materials using atomic force microscopy (AFM) technique
-Dr. Kim Song Tan



Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Glycolipids Disorganize Host Cell Membranes and Rewire Membrane Mechanics During Infection
-Dr. Shobhna Kapoor


Future Houses By Future Concrete (Kancrete)
-Mr. Ibrahim Monir Kandil


A comparative study for surface potential mapping using KPFM
-Dr. Jake Kim


Scanning probe microscopy and its applications in studying biological objects to polymer composites
-Dr. Pankaj Poddar



Extracting Nano-biomechanical Properties of Live Biological Cells Using AFM Based Nanoindentation Technique
-Dr. Vishwanth Manguli


SWNTs embedded with Natural Rubber Nanocomposites
-Dr. Azira binti Abd Aziz


Stabilizing the piezoresponse via dual frequency resonance tracking
-Ilka Hermes